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Furniture restoration has been performed at Antique Refinishers Inc. since 1969.

We value the traditional techniques and material of furniture restoration and work in the manner of the original maker.

Our extensive collection of Antique tools from all over the world enables us to use the period tools for the repair so that we follow the original design exactly while remaining authentic to the piece with the use of the same woods and techniques.

Therefore, we employ animal protein glues for all our repairs because they were the only glues used on furniture until the 20th century. Glues made of bone and fish are excellent in every aspect, as well as reversible. We also use and produce Old Brown Glue a urea modified liquid hide glue following a 17th century tradition.
Despite the most careful precautions, wood moves and repair will be needed at one point. In the search for a restoration procedure for your antiques, the choice of glue is crucial. Modern plastic glues for example will make any future repairs impossible. We highly recommend checking whether your restorer is using reversible glue.

In Antique Refinishers, Inc. workshop, we always have the glue pot cooking and a bottle of Old Brown Glue handy.

We not only brew our own shellac for the highest quality french polish, but also our own traditional stains and dies such as “Brou de Noix”, “Acajoutine”, Extrait de Cassel”, “Chicorée” etc...

In addition, we are one of the rare workshop restoring exotic materials such as bone, ivory Parchment, horn, tortoise shell etc...

With our wide collection of veneer, solid wood, and antique furniture parts, we are able to perform the most tricky restorations and conservations.


Furniture Before 500

Flooded and cooked in a container during transportation from Europe, this piece was declared a total loss by the insurance.

The crown was broken in hundreds of pieces and the veneer had lifted due to moisture and heat exposure.

All the glass was shattered but we were able to replace it with antique blown glass.

The finish was removed without damaging the patina, and the piece was French-polished with shellac. We managed to save the piece.


Furniture Restoration After 500