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Shellac flakes MixConservation and restoration of original period finishes is one of the highest priorities at Antique Refinishers and have been the source of many discussions among the circles of scholars, professionals and amateurs. I have attended numerous conferences on the analysis of early finishes and it is clear that while it is possible to identify the first layer, as its rests in the pores of the wood, there is no conclusive evidence that can prove it is the "original" finish.

At Antique Refinishers, we perform French polish and other traditional finishes.

French polish is done using shellac, which is a natural resin secreted by an insect in India. The shellac flakes are dissolved in alcohol and rubbed on the surface with a pad. French polish is an 18th century technique that requires experience (at least 10 years!) to obtain a deep and thin finish.

Unlike modern plastic finishes, shellac is reversible, so it can be restored touched-up and removed without the use harsh chemicals.

We also apply other traditional finishes such as oil varnish and wax finishes.

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