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IMG 0080 colorWe are available for a wide variety of consulting services. Our expertise in pre-industrial European and American furniture qualifies us to assist collectors and appraisers in evaluations.

We often provide "condition reports," which include details about structural or decorative repairs that affect value.

We also assist in "pre-purchase" consulting for collectors, investors and designers, by providing all facts necessary to make an informed decision.

  1. Patrick Edwards has an extensive series of prepared lectures in the Decorative Arts field, including the popular "When is a Fake Antique?".

You may be interested in some of the magazine articles, which have been written about us or by us.

Feel free to view our curriculum vitae for our background.

Wood identification

IMG 4749

Observing the wood caracteristics to determine species.

Tool Marks

IMG 3331

Hand tool marks, rasp ans saw.



Wheels and screws made before 1850



Screws are a great age indicator. Here we have a pre 1820 screws.

Previous Repairs

IMG 3333

Chair foot previously repaired