Antique Handtools Collection for Restoration and Creation
Florentine Mirror Gilding
Boulle Armoire Detail (re-creation)
Re-hydration of Hide Glue on a Antique Marquetry Panel
Marquetry Pieces for Treasure Box #1
For the Art Institute of Chicago, Boulle and Roentgen Marquetry
Bone Engraving for the Restoration of a Vargueño
Louis-Philippe Tilt-Top Table (Re-creation)
Pembroke Table #2 - Detail of the Top (Re-creation)
Preaparing Black and Blue Straw for Marquetry


Boulle Decanter Restoration

There has been a renewed interest in Boulle marquetry Napoleon III furniture in the last years.
Most of the time, unfortunately, the cost of restoration is to high for a lot of customers or even compared to the value of the piece. It is sad as those pieces need to be well maintained.
Here is a little story on restoring a 1860-1880 decanter with...

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Patrice Lejeune - 5fa7f197f00025a7b87f2834fbca02cf - 2016-03-25-00-26-47

It has been a while since I posted anything as a friend reminded me couple days ago. So I thought I would do an update on couple projects I have been working on.
On an earlier post I had shown the start of a restoration on a Boulle clock.
Patrice Lejeune - 5fa7f197f00025a7b87f2834fbca02cf - 2016-03-25-00-26-47
We had restored the top part,
Patrice Lejeune - 5fa7f197f00025a7b87f2834fbca02cf - 2016-03-25-00-26-47
Patrice Lejeune - 5fa7f197f00025a7b87f2834fbca02cf - 2016-03-25-00-26-47
since I have been working on the 2 lower elements. I did not took a lot of picture...

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American Chevalet

American Chevalet
Page 62, "Masterpieces of Marquetry" 1996

In 1990 I was hired by the Timken Museum here in Balboa Park to provide public education on the topic of French marquetry.  It was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts in conjunction with the San Francisco Legion of Honor as they were rebuilding the museum in SF and needed a place for some of...

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Little Wheels Go Round and Round

Little Wheels Go Round and Round
Teapoy Upside Down on the Bench
I have taken apart tens of thousands of antique pieces of furniture in my time.  One thing I hold dear is respecting original hardware.  Furniture hardware takes a beating.  Metal and wood do not live well together and are constantly at odds.
For example, how many outdoor decks have you seen with the...

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Critical Analysis: Evaluating Condition and Age

Critical Analysis: Evaluating Condition and Age
"Excuse me, but do you own a Mercedes?"

We all look at objects from different perspectives.  Whether you realize it or not, your ability to gather information visually is controlled by your priorities in collecting data.
Years ago, when I was actively racing bicycles, and investing in expensive custom frames by well known frame builders, I...

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